The Big 4

Empowering the Nation

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Fast tracking our vision

through a 5-year development plan under 4 key pillars


To ensure 15% of GDP from the manufacturing sector

Raise manufacturing sector contribution to GDP from 8.5% to 15%

Achieve Top 50 rank in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business global index.

Create 1,000,000 new jobs in the manufacturing sector

Achieve 5X increase in FDI inflows from US$672m to US$3.8b FDI inflows


  • Local value addition for tea, coffee, meat, dairy, fruits, nuts and oils
  • Warehousing and cold chain sites
  • Aquaculture, fish feed mills and fish processing industries

Textile, Apparels and Leather

  • Cotton processing and Ginning industries
  • Existing and new textile mills
  • Tanneries, leather products and apparel manufacturing within existing and planned Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

Heavy industries (Oil & Gas, Mining and Iron & Steel)

  • Exploration, exploitation and production of coal, oil & gas and minerals deposits in Joint Ventures with the Government of Kenya
  • Refining and beneficiation of oil & gas and minerals

ICT and Services

  • Local consumer and light electronics assembly i.e. phones, laptops and televisions
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services
Peter Munya

Cabinet Secretary

Industry, Trade & Cooperatives

cs.moied [at]

+254 (0)20 2731 506

Betty Maina

Principal Secretary


ps.moied [at]

+254 (0)20 2731 531

Chris Kiptoo

Principal Secretary


psfortrade [at]

+254 (0)20 3315 001

Susan Mochache

Principal Secretary


ps.ushirika [at]

+254 (0)20 2731 531

Affordable Housing

Working towards 500,000 affordable new houses for Kenyan families

Deliver 500,000 affordable homes across the 47 counties

Reduce the cost of home ownership by 50%

Create 300,000 new jobs in the construction sector

Reduce the average cost of construction by 30%

Increase the construction sector contribution to GDP by 100%

Reduce the low income housing gap by 60%

Direct investment in the construction of affordable homes and provision of social services

  • Construction of social, low-income and mortgage gap housing through crowding-in private sector funding and close partnership with the county and national governments
  • Construction and operation of social and commercial amenities within developments i.e. education, recreation, health facilities and operation of transport systems
  • Construction and operation of mass rapid transit systems within urban centres

Financing of affordable homes

  • Investment in the Housing Fund which will provide units off-take and long-term financing for home buyers
  • Investment in the provision of affordable long term Tenant Purchase Schemes (TPS) to low-income earners through the Housing Fund
  • Provision of credit enhancement for developers and the Housing Fund e.g. wraps, mitigation covers, etc.

Low cost construction products and services

  • Local manufacture of construction materials e.g. cement, iron rods and woodwork through direct investments or partnerships
  • Scalable low-cost construction technology and modern innovative building technologies
  • Provision of insurance services (construction and housing insurance)
James Macharia

Cabinet Secretary

Transport, Infrastructure, Housing & Urban Development

cs [at]

+254 (0)20 2722 203

Charles Hinga

Principal Secretary


ps [at]

+254 (0)20 2729 200

Universal Health Coverage

To ensure 100% Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Actualise 100% cost subsidy on essential health services

Reduce medical out-of-pocket expenses by 54% as a percentage of household expenditure

Low-cost health insurance products and schemes

  • Private health insurance products targeted at the low-income segment of the population
  • Management of low-income health insurance schemes

Private healthcare facilities and services

  • Low-cost private health facilities across the 47 counties
  • Low-cost health laboratory services
  • Healthcare equipment lease services e.g. diagnostic equipment, intensive care units, etc.

Pharmaceuticals and basic medical supplies

  • Local manufacture of generics and own brand pharmaceuticals
  • Distribution and direct sales of pharmaceuticals e.g. retail pharmacies
  • Local manufacture, distribution and direct sales of medical supplies e.g. sutures, drip stands, trolleys etc.

eHealth and mobile health services

  • Hospitals paperless referral systems, patients medical & medication information systems etc.
  • Medical records digitization e.g. digital medical records
  • Health supply chain optimisation focused on strengthening linkages across health facilities in the 47 counties
Sicily Kariuki

Cabinet Secretary


cshealth2015 [at]

+254 (0)20 2248 551

Peter Tum

Principal Secretary


pshealthke [at]

+254 (0)20 2717 077

Food Security

Measures to ensure we reach 100% Food and Nutrition Security

34% increase in the average daily income of farmers

27% reduction in malnutrition among children under 5 years of age

Create 1,000 Agro-processing SMEs & 600,000 new jobs

50% reduction in the number of food insecure Kenyans

48% increase in Agriculture sector contribution to GDP

47% reduction in the cost of food as a percentage of income

Large scale commercial agriculture production

  • Fisheries (aquaculture, inland and ocean)
  • Crop production (maize, rice and potatoes)
  • Orchards (fruits, oil and nuts)
  • Animal production (dairy and meat)

Agriculture mechanical equipment

  • Leasing, direct sales and operation of warehousing, cold store chains, driers, storage and handling equipment
  • Leasing and direct sales of tractors, transplanters, combined harvesters, weeders and irrigation equipment

Agriculture Production inputs

  • Local manufacture, distribution and direct sales of certified crop seeds, livestock feed mills and animal brood stock
  • Local manufacture, distribution and direct sales of fertilisers, high quality animal feeds, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and certified livestock vaccinations

Agriculture support services

  • Dairy processing and cold chain development
  • Provision of crops and animal insurance services
Mwangi Kiunjuri

Cabinet Secretary

Agriculture & Irrigation

cabinetsecretary [at]

+254 (0)20 2721 641

Andrew Tuimur

Chief Administrative Secretary

Agriculture & Irrigation

cas [at]

+254 (0)20 2732 093

Hamadi Boga

Principal Secretary


psaresearch [at]

+254 (0)20 2711 448

Harry Kimutai

Principal Secretary


pslivestock [at]

+254 (0)20 2715 902

Japhet Ntiba

Principal Secretary

Fisheries, Aquaculture & Blue Economy

psfisheries [at]

+254 (0)20 2718 870

Fred Segor

Principal Secretary


psirrigation [at]

+254 (0)20 2733 808

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